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So today we had feedback on our logo design. Our progression seems really good. We all drew inspiration from the workshops we did over the past days. For me, I really drew was influence by the 3-d model making and the mark making exercises we did.

This being using dots, lines and scribbles as textures to show through a series of black and white ideas of the refinement process. Also, it is important to highlight here I did do this too by using light and shade. The more darker something got, the more it illustrated refinement.

The 3-d element also influence my ideas. Here I played around adding dimension to some designs. However, after doing a few I felt that on paper it never really captured what we did in the workshops so I used their form instead and simplified it to come up with a design.

Through discussion our we have narrow it down to a few more design concepts which we feel communicates the refinement much more visually. Our next step is to explore these further individually. We have all been given a separate idea to take further.

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